Superior Design and Premium Quality are the cornerstone of our structures.  Look at these features that are STANDARD with all of our sheds!  We include a lot!
  • All sheds include Pressure Treated floor joists!
  • EXCLUSIVE Craftsman inspired door, 42" wide X 72" high for a unique, upscale feel & look.  Features beveled trim to help prevent standing water that damages most doors.  Made with exterior grade plywood for the ultimate durability.
  • Residential style locking door handles NO industrial looking hardware here PLUS it closes like your house door!  No other shed door we know of, works like ours.
  • Stainless Steel Door Hinges.  They don't rust that way!
  • Metal flashings protect horizontal trim in key areas that are exposed to the weather.
  • PREMIUM Drainable Home Wrap, is applied under all Lap & Craftsman siding!  Does not apply to T1-11 siding option.
  • Premium real wood trim.  No fake looking grain or rough edges here!  The same trim used in many of today's homes.
  • ALGAE RESISTANT Architectural Roof shingles.  Manufacturer's Limited Lifetime warranty.
  • Steep roof pitches.  They just plain look better.
  • Roof overhangs balanced to protect the siding and give the proportions needed to look "right".  Goodbye to boxy sheds.
  • Metal drip edge on all sides of the roof!  Critical to prevent wind driven rain and moisture from getting under the shingles and rotting the wood underneath.  Sadly, not all shed builders take this simple precaution.
  • RAINPROOF Soffit vents!  FREE Rainproof intake vents are hidden under the roof overhang and are included on all our sheds!  A roof vent option will need to be added to the roof to complete the venting system and exhaust the moisture.
  • 3/4" Plywood tongue & groove flooring for strength, longevity and it provides a barrier to bug and moisture infiltration.
  • Dried lumber is used in most cases. 
  • 4x4 Pressure Treated skids underneath the floor to allow the unobstructed airflow needed to prevent moisture related problems, such as mold, mildew & rot.  We even go as far as placing concrete blocks under the skids, to keep the wood from touching the ground!
  • Primed & Ready to paint.  Pressure treated lumber and surfaces out of the weather are not primed. 
  • Limited Caulking included with options for full caulking available.
  • HOA & ARC friendly designs for quick and easy approvals.
  • Built on your site!

                     *Within the Metro Portland area

42" x 72" high, Craftsman single shed door
60" x 72" high, Craftsman double shed doors
Glass added to shed door
Drip cap, above 30-42" door opening
Drip cap, above 48"-72" door openings
Bronze door handle upgrade
Deadbolt lock
Entry, 36" Prehung - 6 panel steel door
Entry, 36" Prehung - 9 pane glass door
Entry, 36" Prehung - Craftsman entry door
Outswing option added to single Prehung door
72" French Patio doors, all glass NO grids
Outswing option added to double Prehung doors

WINDOWS (w x h)
double pane vinyl, w/ screens
   Sliding Windows - slide sideways to open
3' x 2' sliding window with grid
3' x 3' sliding window with grid
4' x 3' sliding window with grid
5' x 3' sliding window with grid
6' x 3' sliding window with grid
Single Hung windows - slide upwards to open
2' x 3' single hung window with grid

Ridge Vent - Recommended  see example
Black surface mount roof vent
24" Square skylight
Upgrade Gable style roof pitch to 9:12

Workbench 24" deep plywood top
Shelving 12" deep, OSB top
Shelving 24" deep, OSB top
Ramp, pressure treated wood
Loft with OSB top

Shutters, 3 board style
Window box, 24" to 36"
Window box, 48" to 72"
Decorative Roof Bracket
Upgrade floor joists to Pressure Treated lumber
Insulate floor with rigid foam insulation
Change siding reveal for HardiePlank lap siding
     from standard 7" to 4" or 5" reveal
Roof overhang extensions
Increase wall height

$399.00  each
$599.00  pair
$150.00  per door
$  65.00  each
$120.00  each
$  35.00  each
$  85.00  each
$559.00  each
$659.00  each
$769.00  each
$250.00  each door
$1348.00  each
$550.00  per unit

$269.00  each
$319.00  each
$359.00  each
$399.00  each
$439.00  each

$269.00  each

$  16.00  lineal foot
$  85.00  each
$325.00  each
$    6.00  per sf of floor

$  15.00  per lineal foot
$  10.00  per lineal foot
$  12.00  per lineal foot
$375.00  each
$    3.00   per square foot
$    5.00   per square foot

$115.00  per pair
$125.00  each
$175.00  each
$150.00  each
INCLUDED at no upgrade!
$    5.00  per sf of floor

$    8.00  per sf of floor
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Call for Price

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