1. Ugly breeds Ugly!   Are you proud of your home and landscape?  If you place an unattractive structure in your yard it will make your yard look bad too.  Your outdoor structure should be an attractive and inviting addition to your landscape. 
  2. Don't be surprised!  Because of its size, a shed or playhouse will become the focal point of your landscape.  Sadly, our competitors proclaim their toughness but overlook the importance of producing an attractive building.  Since the building will be such a visual element it is critical that the shed is as beautiful as your yard! 
  3. If it doesn't look right it never will!   Have you looked at sheds and noticed that something just doesn't look right?  That is probably because of poor design and proportion!  Maybe the roof was too flat, had no overhang or the trim was too narrow.  Maybe the trim looked fake & cheap?  Maybe the doors had industrial looking handles or the design was plain ugly?  Maybe the windows were too small, installed too high or installed in an odd location?  More than likely it was a combination of a number of these.  All of these are common problems we see in other sheds.  JONESES realizes that the beauty is in the details and we have designed our buildings to "look right"!  Read on for an explanation.
  4. The beauty is in the details.   Sheds and playhouses should be designed to complement your home.  Siding, roof material, roof pitch, trim and hardware all affect the appearance and ability to blend with your home and "look right".  JONESES structures blend well with most homes because they are designed using the same details & techniques used in building homes.  We use materials like; premium real wood trim for warmth and longevity, proportionate roof overhangs to protect your siding and give proportion, residential style locking door handles for beauty, vinyl windows for durability and more.  In addition, we think the door is critical to the beauty of a shed, so our standard door is an exclusive Craftsman inspired door. 
  5. Don't ignore the Homeowners Association.   Don't be the neighbors who had to tear down their shed because it didn't meet the HOA restrictions.  It is important to know that most newer neighborhoods have strict rules concerning sheds & playhouses, so check your CC&R's and be sure to get the appropriate approvals & permits.  Your HOA may require you to closely match your roofing material and slope and/or closely match your siding.  Our details and options should allow you to easily meet your HOA requirements and get fast ARC approval. 
  6. Asset not an Eyesore.   Compare us apples to apples to the competition.  You will see that our distinctive designs, doors, hardware and trim are unmatched.  And remember, an outdoor structure is an investment in your property.  Like a kitchen or bathroom, it needs to be stylish, attractive & functional.  Don't settle for the utilitarian (read ugly) shed that detracts from your lanadscape or causes a stumbling block to a quick and profitable sale in the future. 
  7. Make a Statement.  We all want to keep up with the Joneses, or perhaps be the Joneses.  A cookie cutter shed is available to all, but is it at the peril of your landscape?  To make a statement personalize with your our exclusive Craftsman-style siding package or the many other options available.  Personalize your shed and make a statement in your landscape and set yourself apart from your neighbors. Our commitment is to build attractive, high quality sheds that will make you the envy of your neighborhood.  Or as we like to say "Keep up with a Joneses!"
  8. Be a Good Neighbor!   Before you place your structure, look at how the placement will affect your neighbor.  Nothing breeds ill will like blocking the neighbors prized view or the sunlight on their garden.  
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