About Us
JONESES is a result of our personal attempts to find a shed for our own home.  We wanted a shed that was attractive, complemented our home and would meet the HOA restrictions of our neighborhood.  We quickly found that there was a complete lack of attractive and stylish sheds in the marketplace.  We designed and built our own and had many inquiries as to the builder as they hadn't been able to find nice sheds either.  We then realized we weren't the only ones with the desire and need for attractive storage sheds.   So here we are, our commitment is to build attractive sheds that you can be proud of and that will make your neighbors jealous. 

Why Joneses?
Because you want a beautiful shed or playhouse that will look great in your yard... and maybe to make the neighbors jealous too! 

No time for Regret.   Don't be surprised, for better or worse, a shed or playhouse will become a Focal Point of your yard.  Don't settle for an ugly structure or you will regret it every day.  JONESES structures are beautiful because we designed them using premium materials and design elements just like you see in your own home. That means they will blend well with your home, look great in your yard, add architectural interest and be something you are proud to show off! 

Built for the Northwest
Constructed for the Pacific Northwest's unique climate!  Our long stretches of wet and damp weather require special steps that are unique to this area. 
  • Airflow underneath is Critical!  Built up off the wet ground on Pressure Treated 4"x4" skids to allow the unobstructed airflow needed to prevent moisture related problems, such as mold, mildew & rot.  We even go as far as placing concrete blocks under the skids, to keep the wood from even touching the ground!  Be wary of any shed that isn't built up off the ground with lots of airflow underneath. 
  • Rainproof Soffit Venting.  You must vent your shed in our climate.  FREE Rainproof intake vents are hidden under the roof overhang and are included on all our sheds!  A roof vent option will need to be added to complete the venting system and exhaust the moisture.
  • Metal roof edge on all sides.  Critical to prevent wind driven rain and moisture from rotting your roof!  Sadly, not all other shed builders  take this simple precaution.
  • PREMIUM Drainable Home Wrap, is applied under all Lap & Craftsman siding!
  • Plywood tongue & groove flooring for strength, longevity, PLUS it provides a barrier to bug and moisture infiltration.
  • Beveled Door Trim.  To help prevent standing water that damages most doors!
  • Stainless Steel Door Hinges.  They don't rust that way!
  • Metal flashings protect horizontal trim in key areas that are exposed to the weather.
  • Pressure Treated floor joists and skids to protect against moisture related problems.
Northwest Designs and Premium Quality are the cornerstone of our structures.
  • EXCLUSIVE Craftsman style siding package!  Featuring HardiePlank & HardieBoard!
  • EXCLUSIVE Craftsman inspired door.  Standard 42"wide X 72"high with residential style locking door handles & doors that close like your house door! Other sizes and types of doors are available as upgrades.
  • Algae Resistant Architectural Roof shingles, with Limited Lifetime Warranty. Standard!
  • Roof overhangs to help protect the siding and they make the shed look "right".
  • HOA & ARC friendly designs for quick and easy approvals.
  • Customizable, with many options so you can make it your own.
  • See the Features page for a more complete listing.
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