Lean To Style Shed
Standard 6:12 Roof Pitch with
 Craftsman siding.  Options include  glass in door, 4'w x 3'h sliding window, shutters, window box decorative roof bracket, deadbolt and more.
Craftsman Style siding shown
Salt Box Style Shed
Lap Style siding shown.  Options include glass transom in door, 2x3' single hung window, 4'x3' sliding window & ridge venting.
Salt Box Style Shed
Our most popular roof style, complements most homes!  6' 6"high walls.  Roof overhangs are 12" on gable ends & 9" on sides providing a balanced look.  Doors work best on the Gable end.  Standard roof pitch is 6:12 as shown here and can be upgraded to 9:12.

Base Prices shown below, include the shed selected with 1 - 42" wide X 72" high single door without glass, Delivery & Installation onsite (within our service area) and Architectural Style roofing in 7 colors.  Please see our Features and Options pages for more information.
Looks great where the long side of your shed is the "presentation" or visible side.  The roof peak is offset and the door wall is a foot taller than the shorter 6'6" rear wall.  Any of our doors can be installed in this tall wall!  Note that windows in the Gable End will be centered under the peak of the roof and not in the wall...it just looks right this way!
Simple slanted roof design. Great for small spaces or for that modern look!  The short wall is 6'6" high and the high side varies by width.
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Siding Choices
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