Site Preparation
Tips for Placement:
  • From a practical standpoint it makes sense to locate your shed near where it will be needed most.  Kids in particular are more likely to put away their toys and bicycles if the shed is convenient. 
  • Aesthetics are important too, don't be surprised that a shed will become the focal point of your yard due to its sheer size.  That is why we have designed our sheds to complement your home and enhance your landscape!
  • Be a Good Neighbor!  Before you place your structure, take a look at how it will affect your neighbor.  Nothing breeds ill will like blocking a prized view or the sunlight on their garden.
Compacted Gravel Bases are strongly recommended! 
  • We highly recommend a compacted gravel base/pad underneath your shed as part of site preparation.  Our soils are mostly clay and can be very unstable during our wet winters.  That instability can cause uneven settling of your shed and consequently  it usually affects the operation of the doors & windows making them stick or very difficult to open.  Installing a compacted gravel base can be done fairly inexpensively and it is well worth preventing a headache in the future!  We are happy to provide a referral to a contractor who can install a compacted gravel base and/or help with leveling the ground. 
Site Requirements -- What we need before delivery
  1. Clear, flat & level surface. For JONESES to install your shed in an efficient and therefore cost effective manner, we must have a clear, fairly flat & level  surface on which to place your shed.  We can level the shed up to 4" using concrete blocks and shims placed under the Pressure Treated skids that your shed is built on.  If the area is more than 4" out of level, the site will need to be leveled prior to our arrival.  If you need a referral we would be happy to recommend a contractor who can help you with this work.  Remember we HIGHLY Recommend a level Compacted Gravel Base, see above for why!
  2. Unobstructed access to the building site.  So we have room to carry in the materials.
  3. Electrical Outlet. We need at least one 15-amp outlet within 100 feet of the building site so that we can power our tools.  If power is not available let us know so that we can bring a generator.  The need for a generator will have a small additional cost.
  4. Clearance.  We will need 3 feet of clearance around and above the shed for construction.  Be sure to check with your local building authorities to see what other restrictions you may have on placement/setbacks.  3' is usually the minimum setback
  5. Exact Placement confirmation.  We need to be sure that we place and orient the shed exactly as you planned and will need you to verify that before we begin installation.  If you are not going to be home we will ask that you stake out the four corners of the shed and identify which direction doors, etc. will face and more. 
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Are these sheds available as a kit?  Not at this time, maybe in the future?  However these prices include us building your shed on your site! 

Are there any additional installation costs? 
No, our prices include delivery and installation within the Portland Metro area!

Do they have a floor? 
Yes, all our sheds include a floor installed by us.  The floor is built on top of 4"x4" Pressure Treated skids using Pressure Treated 2x4's spaced 12" apart, then covered by 3/4" Tongue & Groove plywood flooring. 

Do the shed prices include Painting?  No, though the shed will be primed and almost ready to paint, just be sure to caulk first, if you haven't had us do that for you!  A great way to find a painter is to check with your local Paint Store for recommendations! It is critical that the structure is painted within 30-60 days from completion to protect your investment and validate your warranty. Please keep receipts of paint purchases to validate your warranty.

What is your delivery area? 
The Greater Portland Oregon Metro area.

Can you haul away our old shed or level our site?  We would be happy to refer you to a contractor that can help you out!   We don't do that type of work because to provide competitive pricing we need to specialize in the most efficient use of our time and expertise. 

Do I need a Building Permit? 
The State of Oregon says that no building permit is required if the structure does not exceed 200 square feet or a height of 10 feet measured from the finished floor level, to the average height of the roof surface.  All our structures meet these requirements.  Though each municipality may have differing or stricter regulations and requirements.  We strongly advise you to check with your local building authorities to find out about local regulations and zoning requirements that may affect your location.  It is the customers responsibility to ensure that the building is allowed in the specified location.   In addition don't forget to check with your Homeowner's Association and what, if any, CC&R's are applicable.

What are CC&R, HOA and ARC?
  Covenants Conditions & Restrictions (CC&R) are the rules established for a neighborhood and enforced by the Homeowners Association (HOA), composed of the owners of the houses in that community.  In some HOA's before any projects are started, (ie: building a shed) an application &/or plan must be presented for review by an Architectural Review Committee (ARC).  The ARC is tasked with reviewing the project to ensure it meets the CC&R's for the neighborhood and if so, giving the homeowner approval to proceed. 

What about my HOA's and CC&R's? 
In addition to the city/county rules it is important that you check with your Homeowners Association to determine what CC&R rules you must meet with your shed or playhouse.  Because each neighborhood can have different regulations and restrictions it is the responsibility of the homeowner to ensure compliance as required. 

Do your structures meet HOA restrictions? 
HOA restrictions are what created this business!    We realize that the CC&R's for HOA's are becoming stricter about rules concerning sheds and the requirement to match or complement the home.  Our designs use materials just like you see in your home and in most cases we have a style that will meet the requirements.   We are the only shed builder who offers a Craftsman siding option, Craftsman inspired doors and real wood trim.  We are easily HOA approveable!

What do HOA's usually regulate?
  The HOA's CC&R's may specify that the structure must  closely match or complement your homes look.  Vinyl or metal sheds are often not allowed.  The CC&R's of the HOA can require that the siding, roof and paint match and in some cases even the steepness of the roof (pitch) is required to match.  It is important to determine what your regulations are and if there may be an approval process too.

What is your warranty? 
We provide a 7 year limited warranty on Premier series structures.

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