JONESES Distinctive Sheds & Playhouses Warranty
Your shed or playhouse will be free of defects in workmanship and materials when completed and we will repair or replace any components that do not provide a reasonable service under normal use for a period of 7 years from the installation date.  Should your building be found defective, we will repair or replace at our discretion the affected part, free of charge.

  • JONESES extends this warranty to the orginal purchaser only.
  • Proper caulking of all trim, seams, joints, voids, cracks & exposed nailheads is required, prior to painting, to prevent moisture intrusion.  High quality exterior caulking like OSI Quad, Quad Max or Titebond Weathermaster Sealant are recommended.  Please see manufacturers recommendations for application instructions & cure time needed prior to painting.
  • All exterior surfaces, including all 6 sides of each door, must be painted with 100% Acrylic latex exterior paint within 60 days of installation.  Proof of painting is required.
  • The building must be properly maintained as needed, maintenance includes but is not limited to, repainting, recaulking and keeping clear airflow under the building.
  • Moving the building from its original placement and/or alteration of the structure voids this warranty.
  • Acts of God (including but not limited to; wind, water, flood, earthquake, fire, etc.), defects resulting from abuse, negligence, misuse, accident, vandalism or lack of proper maintenance will not be covered.
  • JONESES is not liable for any loss or damage to personal property placed inside of the building, including any damage caused by the existence of any defect in building, or for any indirect, incidental or consequential damages.
  • The weight of your building & its contents, plus the natural settling of the ground  may cause your building to need re-leveling.  The warranty does not include re-leveling or the problems that may be caused as a result. 
  • All defects or failures must be reported to JONESES within 30 days of finding.
  • Certain accessories and materials incorporated in your JONESES building may include warranties offered by the Manufacturer.  JONESES makes no warranties whatsoever in regards to the Manufacturer's warranty. 
  • The warranty does not cover the finish placed upon door hardware by the manufacturer.  Accordingly the manufacturer will not repair or replace hardware due to wear & tear on the finish.
  • Wood is a natural product and as such the warranty does not cover the cracking, splitting, twisting, warping or other natural tendencies of this product.
  • There are no other representations or warranties expressed or implied except those included here.  This warranty gives you specific legal rights which vary from state to state.
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All sizes listed are for the floor size and are approximate.  Roof overhangs and thickness of the siding and trim are  not taken into account.  For example a 10'x10' shed will require an overall area of 11'6"x12' due to roof overhangs.

All prices are subject to change without notice.

Payment Terms
A deposit of 50% of the total price is due at the time the order is placed.  We accept Checks, Cash, Visa or MasterCard.  The balance is due upon delivery.

All deposits made by check can be refunded in full if the order is cancelled BEFORE your building enters the cutting stage of production.  Deposits made by credit card  are subject to the same terms but will be subject to a 3% cancellation fee.  Because your building is customized to your specifications and most materials are cut prior to delivery we can not refund your deposit if you cancel after the building package is being or has been cut.  You may still cancel the order up to 72 hours prior to delivery to avoid paying the remaining balance on your order. 

Site Requirements
  1. Clear, flat & level surface. For JONESES to install your shed in an efficient and therefore cost effective manner, we must have a clear, fairly flat & level  surface on which to place your shed.  We can level the shed up to 6" using concrete blocks and shims placed under the Pressure Treated skids that your shed is built on.  If the area is more than 6" out of level, the site will need to be leveled prior to our arrival.  If you need a referral we would be happy to recommend a contractor who can help you with this work. 
  2. Unobstructed access to the building site.  So we have room to carry in the materials.
  3. Electrical Outlet. We need at least one 15-amp outlet within 100 feet of the building site so that we can power our tools.  If power is not available let us know so that we can bring a generator.  The need for a generator will have a small additional cost.
  4. Clearance.  We will need 3 feet of clearance around and above the shed for construction.  Be sure to check with your local building authorities to see what other restrictions you may have on placement/setbacks. 
  5. Exact Placement confirmation.  We need to be sure that we place and orient the shed exactly as you planned and will need you to verify that before we begin installation.  If you are not going to be home we will ask that you stake out the four corners of the shed and identify which direction doors, etc. will face. 
Permits & Approvals
The customer is responsible to check with their local building authorities to determine if a building permit is required and any costs associated with that process.  The customer is also responsible to check with local zoning authorities to determine setbacks, building restrictions and CC&R's that may affect the construction or location of your structure.  The customer is solely responsible to ensure compliance with all local regulations. 

Painting & Caulking
Caulking & Painting your building within 60 days of purchase is a requirement of the 7-year limited warranty.  All exterior trim, joints, seams, voids, cracks & exposed nail heads must be caulked prior to painting.  All exterior surfaces, including all 6 sides of each door, must be painted with 100% Acrylic latex exterior paint within 60 days of installation.  Proof of painting is required for warranty validation, so keep your receipts!
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